Elena Raffetti

MD | PhD

What fascinates me

How we could guarantee sustainable national health care systems and equal access to high quality care is the question that fascinates me.

My goal

My goal is to advance toward an integrated understanding of the effect of socio-environmental extreme events on human health – related to cardiovascular maternal health – with novel theoretical and methodological approaches and to explore areas that are still largely unknown at the interception among disciplines.

About me

I am committed to excellence in science, teaching and well-informed translation of scientific knowledge.

 I am a MD specialized in public health and preventive medicine in Italy, with a PhD in epidemiology from Karolinska Institutet. I am a dedicated researcher, passionate about epidemiology and health data science with over ten years’ experience working in diverse academic and health care environments in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Italy. This has allowed me to develop ongoing and productive international collaborations in clinical and community settings. I strive to contribute to a collaborative spirit, transparency and integrity in academia as a breeding ground for new research ideas, high-quality research and teaching. 

A few words

Yearly, very good weeks would not be sustainable without the so-called bad weeks. I have learned that I need to secure some time off in particular during bad weeks. I thank my (present and former) international crew and family for amazing dinners, philosophical discussions, unconditional support and reminding me to keep fit. I enjoy cross country skiing, kayaking, hiking and going to the opera and I am an avid reader of thriller and non-fiction books.

I believe a well-informed translation of scientific knowledge is highly needed and we should aspire for active citizenship through social engagement.  I am engaged in the Italian community in the world as an elected member of the national committee (COMITES) in Stockholm and a board member of brothers Rosselli association and international federation of organizations for Italians overseas.

FORMAS has funded the project: “Adapting to temperature extremes in a changing climate: Past trends and future scenarios”!

FORTE has founded the post-doctoral project “Novel risk factors for cardiovascular disease during pregnancy in whole populations of the UK”

I am the recipient of the Junior Investigator Award for projects at Karolinska Institutet aimed at achieving the UN sustainable development goals

Research Projects