*= corresponding author
† = senior author


Original research articles (n=63)


Behavioral determinants of health

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  • Raffetti E*, [6 co-authors], Galanti MR. No association of cigarette smoking and depressive symptoms with cortisol concentration in adolescents. Results from a population-based Swedish cohort. Psychiatry Res2021 Jul;301:113968. (Part of PhD thesis)
  • Donato F, [7 co-authors], Raffetti E*†. Symptoms of mental health problems among Italian adolescents in 2017-2018 school year: a multicenter cross-sectional study. Environ Health Prev Med2021 Jun 21;26(1):67.
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  • Galanti MR, [11 co-authors], Raffetti E. School environment and mental health in early adolescence – a longitudinal study in Sweden (KUPOL). BMC Psychiatry2016 Jul 16;16:243.

Environmental determinants of health

  • Lindersson S, Raffetti E, Rusca M, Brandimarte L, Mård J, Di Baldassarre G. The wider the gap between rich and poor the higher
    the flood mortality. 
    Nat Sustainability, 2023 Apr, 6:995.
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  • Donato F, Raffetti E. Qual è il ruolo degli studi ecologici per valutare l’impatto di un fattore ambientale sulla salute? Un caso-studio in relazione al progetto SENTIERI [The role of ecological studies to evaluate the impact of an enviromental factor on health: a case study on the results of the SENTIERI project]. Epidemiol Prev2014 Nov-Dec;38(6 Suppl 2):14-8. Italian.

Infectious disease epidemiology

  • Raffetti E*, Mondino E, Di Baldassarre G. COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Sweden and Italy: The role of trust in authorities. Scand
    J Public Health
    2022 Aug;50(6):803-809.
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Clinical epidemiology

  •  Andreoli L, Nalli C, Raffetti E, [10 authors], Tincani A. The prevalence and incidence of thrombotic primary antiphospholipid syndrome in adults aged 18-49 years: A population based study in a mountain community in northern Italy. Clin Immunol. 2024 Mar;260:109905.
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Peer-reviewed commentaries (n=3)

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Peer-reviewed systematic review articles (n=3)

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Collaborations (n=1)

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